Lesser Helium Media Outlet “Barsoomian Blade” Covering John Carter Fan Push at the Jasoomian “Comic Con” Event

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The Barsoomian Blade, one of the major planetary tabloids on Barsoom, sent Herbo Gooli to Jasoom this week to cover the Comic Con in the Jasoomian city of San Diego.   Gooli filed this report, which is getting quite a reaction across all media channels on Barsoom.

Momentum For John Carter Sequel at San Diego Comic Con

Fans of the Jasoomian documentary ‘John Carter’ have begun recruiting new members to their ranks at a gathering this weekend called a “Comic-Con.”

Their numbers are swelling in a disturbing trend that some military analysts say could be an indication that Jasoom actually intends to invade our planet.

Or, they could really just want a sequel to what many film critics here on our planet say was an entertaining look at the life and times of the War Lord of Barsoom.

John Carter, of course, is originally from Jasoom — or ‘Earth,’ as the inhabitants call their world.

The prince of Helium has not commented publicly on the film. But his best friend, Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark, has reportedly become totally immersed in the celebrity status he has gained since its release.

Read the rest of the Blade article at Panthan Press — it’s got more about Tars and Hollywood.

And here’s a look at the printed version:


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