Thanks to everyone who contributed to the rewrite of the back-cover blurb for John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood. Here is a revised version reflecting all the inputs, which were great. I think virtually every note has been implemented in some fashion. A word about Rosetta Stone. I’m pretty sure Andrew Stanton was the one who came up with that, not me. Disney used it at least once or twice in their promotions. But I was moved by Jeselle’s  “focus group” info in which she ran it by eight people ages to 40 and only the 40 year old kinda sorta “got it” as to what I was trying to say. At the end of the day it’s all about actual communication, not wordplay, and cornerstone is perfectly clear and gets the idea across, perhaps with not as much flair as ‘Rosetta Stone’ — but it communicates.

Thanks to everyone who caught my lame use “storied” twice in one sentence. That was just a mistake — brain spasm.

I hope everybody likes the Abbet artwork from “John Carter of Mars”, the 11th book in the series that just happens to have the name of the movie (well, sort of), and which for me is a hoot. I mentioned this on the other thread, but it looks like the hand of the gods is coming down on a ray of Hollywood searchlight and is about to grab John Carter and crush him. But he’s got his sword out, his wits about him, and is thinking ‘I still live!”. I also like the way this one lets me use a landscape version, more like a movie screen, and place it higher atop the stairway to the Hollywood gods. Anyway, that’s my pitch as to why I like this better. Apologies to my hero, J. Allen St. John. I’ve put the St. John on the back.

Here it is as it stands now. Welcome more notes and especially proof-reading as I am lame at that.  Click to see it full sized.