Does John Carter Deserve Some Love at the People’s Choice Awards?

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No other film this year has generated a fan movement quite like John Carter so I say, let’s see if the fans can use their voices and be heard.   Nominees go here:

Favorite Movie: John Carter

Favorite Movie Actor: Taylor Kitsch

Favorite Movie Actress: Lynn Collins

Favorite Movie Icon: Willem Dafoe

Favorite Action Movie: John Carter

Favorite Action Movie Star: Taylor Kitsch

Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast: John Carter- Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, James Purefoy, Dominic West, and Bryan Cranston

Favorite Movie Super Hero: Taylor Kitsch as John Carter

Favorite Book Adaptation: A Princess of Mars/ John Carter

Favorite Animated Character: Tars Tarkas

Favorite Face of Heroism: Taylor Kitsch as John Carter

Favorite on Screen Romance: Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins as John Carter and Dejah Thoris

Favorite Villain: Mark Strong as Matai Shang

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  • I never that or anything vaguely like that EVER. It seems you need to check your facts….Perhaps because I don’t hate him you think I want to move in with him or something. You couldn’t be more than incorrect about that. I really enjoyed the movie, and I have my misgivings about it as well. If I made the movie it would not the movie Stanton made.

    I still think it’s nuts that you continue to post – I hate it – Stanton sucks- every chance you get. And if you don’t think it’s nuts, I’ve just made my point.

  • “Side note – I will NEVER know why do this unless I learn that mental illness is involved”

    Coming from someone who believes the Infallible Andrew is the Messiah, wow. I thought that was mental illness.

  • pascalahad,

    Why don’t you try it again. On the screen where I emailed my comment there was nothing about voting. The email I sent this morning went thru with no problem that I know of, and a number of other people have emailed last night and today.

  • MCR – you’re not even original anymore, give it up and past the same post again and again. Oh, you’re already doing that, as you were then. Have a good day.

    ( Side note – I will NEVER know why do this unless I learn that mental illness is involved )

  • “Favorite Book Adaptation: A Princess of Mars/ John Carter”

    Uh don’t you have, I don’t know, ADAPT THE BOOK? Not just do what you remember-which was a distored version of it that bore little resemblance to it?

    “Favorite Face of Heroism: Taylor Kitsch as John Carter”

    Wait there’s a category called that? Why then isn’t there a Face of Moping since Kitsch would be a shoo-in to win.

    Beyond that if you can survive the Hunger Games fans, the Nolanites and the frightening Twilight obsessives then good luck.

  • On the website there’s this in “Vote”: “Category voting has closed. Be sure to come back starting October 23rd to help choose the nominees for the 2013 People’s Choice Awards!”

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