The Mogadorian Fighter Challenge Match 8: John Carter vs. Superman

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This comes to us from  Pretty funny.

Last time, the humans were the aliens. In this last Round 1 match of the Mogadorian Fighter Challenge, it’s an alien versus a human, but both of them have traveled a little far from home… Dan and Robison Wells officiate as John Carter of Mars takes on Superman!

Dan: So this is the alien who lives among humans, and the human earthling who lives among aliens.

Rob: More importantly, it is the person who derives their power from being on another planet.

Dan: True. Superman uses our yellow sun to get his amazing powers, and John Carter uses the lower gravity on Mars to jump 300 feet and have amazing stamina and other things.

Rob: So the question is: do we even need to argue this one, or does Superman zap John Carter with his laser eyes, and that’s the end?

Dan: But they’re not fighting each other, right? Unless Mars invades Earth at some point, which would be awesome. Except then John Carter would lose all his cool Martian powers.

Rob: John Carter’s only Martian powers are basically that he can jump really far, and he’s strong, and… um…

Read the rest (and the theory of how John Carter wins . . . .)


  • This is basically a no-win situation. Even if you put them in the same space ….. both are young, in good health, have smart girlfriend/wives …… but, much as I love Superman, my money would be on John.

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