Radio Interview Tonight re John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

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UPDATE–this happened on Sunday night, so it’s done.  We’ll be getting the podcast version shortly and will post.

A previous interview I did with them a couple of months ago is available to listen to at this link.


If you have time — tune to the live stream of 3WBC Radio tonight at 9:30 Pacific Time — I’ll be interviewed re John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood. Click for Live Stream.  Also visit Wonderful World Media – the host of the show on 3WBC.


  • Oops my bad, you’re right. There was no date listed, but in retrospect, the dates referenced in the podcast seemed strange to my untrained ears… Sorry.

  • Pascalahad — unless you’re finding something I’m not, the one up on their site is an earlier one I did a couple of months ago. It’s at this link. and is 28 minutes long. The one I did last night (which IMO I did a lot better on) is not yet up, as far as I know. If you find it . . . . let me know.

  • The podcast is on the Wonderful World Media site. Looks like your ten minutes were more like thirty, Michael! Great interview, that’s great, and you were able to talk not only about John Carter, but good old Edgar as well. Very well done! 🙂

  • No worries . . . . . it was just 10 minutes — went well. They will send me the podcast version and I’ll post it here.

  • difficult if not impossible on a Mac? do I want to download Windows stuff onto my Mac? Hmmm. Sorry I am missing this.

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