Mom, we’re on an Amazon Best Seller List! (John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, I mean)

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

Well well well.  All those wonderful, well-written reviews are having an effect — John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood is ranked #2 on the Amazon Best Sellers list in its eBook category.  And number two in “Top Rated” in the same category.   It’s been getting traction the last week or so, but didn’t see this coming. Let’s hope it leads somewhere positive and helps prolong and expand the conversation about the future of John Carter.

Here’s a screenshot — click to enlarge.

And here’s the link to the actual Amazon List.  It’s there now, but we don’t know how long it will be there — hence the screenshot above.

This is a category list so let’s don’t get too crazy . . . . if we crawl up on to the actual top 100 or something like that  — well that would be truly amazing. But this is probably more than I was hoping for, so I’ll take it.

And once again, thanks to everyone who played a roll in this . . . . hope it leads somewhere!


It’s the weekend.  Why not give JCGOH a try? Just sayin’ . . . .

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