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If you landed here from a google search, chances are you’re trying to find out what is happening — will there be a John Carter Sequel or not?  First, there is a Facebook Group lobbying for a sequel with more than 11,000 members.  Join!  Next,   the John Carter Files  has a steady stream of updates and information about John Carter, Barsoom, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  And finally — the book below is the definitive explanation of what went wrong with the release – and what needs to go right in order for a sequel to happen.

And if you don’t want to leave this page, there is more here, just keep reading.

Here is our docu clip which we showed at the ERB Centennial which recounts the 100 year history of the book and film.

Here is the original fan trailer we made.

And here is a flyer using fan art for the Dec 1 Benefit Screening of John Carter at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.

Here is a book on the John Carter situation coming out on December 5

And here is a gallery of fan art.


  • I loved the books and thought the movie was great, saw it at the cinema, have it on DVD and on Google Play.I even won an Odeon competition on the back of booking movie tickets. I would dearly love to see two more films in the series! Like other I enjoyed this more than Avatar!

  • Sadly, having missed the film at the box office, I now enjoy on dvd. Having read the books as a teen I was surpised at how well Disney had turned paper into film. So much so, that i have re-read my books, having been fortunate enough to keep them, and hope that “they” see sense and make a sequal. This time, however, with the proper marketing! Keeping my fingers crossed that “the powers that be” try once more.
    If they do, I will be at the cinema.

  • JC is a fab film of mine, make a sequel should definitely be on the books compared to some of the crap that is made and sequels that is worse than the first (but franchise keeps going) JC can and is the start of a classic

  • I watched this film with a low expectation after reading some of the critics reviews, but I was stunned at how good it was! Sure it had some storytelling issues but overall the two and a bit hours went by quickly, the acting was good, the effects were stunning and I was left wanting to experience more of the adventure by the end, which is surely the sign of a good movie?! I even thought it was far more interesting than Avatar which left me bored by the end!
    If Disney are now entirely focused on Star Wars then that is a huge shame. They should rather than selfishly consigning JC to the tomb, allow another studio to have a go at the sequel. There is so much more story to tell! The film world is lacking in decent interesting sci-fi adventure stories and the JC series would bring just that.
    I for one, am not at all excited about the prospect of more Star Warts films. After all we have had six films already! Studios the Star Wars story has been drained completely dry! We don’t need or want to know any more! Why not take a risk and create something new that will capture the audiences imagination again?

  • After I saw Avatar, I had no desire to see Sci-Fic/ Fantasy films anymore. What a dud, except for the great special effects. Saw the trailer for “John Carter” while at the theater to see “War Horse”. I was stunned and explained to my wife who is John Carter. She did not want to see it and after reading the numerous thumbs down reviews. She felt it had to be a terrible film. I convinced her to see a matinee (cheap) showing. She was truly surprised, among other things, no review mentioned the love story within the film. I understand Disney now has the “Star Wars” franchise. I doubt if they would reconsider a sequel, but I can”t help but wonder who would be cast as Carthoris.

  • Read all ERB mars (John Carter) books about 50 years ago What took you so long to make a movie? I think there should be a movie for every book. Done right this could be the best ever…….Ray

  • Been talking candidly to some disney people. They are really not interested in a sequel to JC now that they have Star Wars. We need another studio to step in to get a sequel

  • Sry for me bad Ang , but i must say: I see this film cca 50x, when i have Collage exam, after day i SEE JOHN CARTER- this film is very good and very nice. I have fear for not coming sequel. Today i know J.C.2 coming but i must wait 2015 :-/ so long. …………….This film is better how Avatar .

  • Of all the suspenseful movies i have seen in the last decade, I would say this movie is far underrated. It most definitely deserves a sequel if not two more installments. It has all the marks of a classic cult scifi love story. It could be legendary with the proper script it would make history.. this i am sure. I am a 47 year old man and a movie buff in my own right. I love all genres, when i say these things i do not say them lightly. John Carter back to barsoom.. could be magnificent.

  • I loved the movie and want to see the sequel – It’s on my list of best movies to watch in spite of the box office and or Critic opinion.
    If they reconsider… I’d love to see the planet transformed with the power of the 9th ray! Yay for the 9th ray!
    Imagine it in 3D! woooOOO~!

  • First I was thinking it is good that there will be no sequel. My experience is that most sequels are worse than the first part. Matrix is great but the following movies are terrible. Same is to say about Lord of the Ring and some other filmed stories. But more and more I feel John Carter could be an exeption. A second and third part could be a risk for Disney but it could be also a chance. It depend on the used strategy.

  • I LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie. I was planning on going to see the movie in theaters, but I was tied up at work. The actors in this movie were BRILLIANT. The passion and spice they brought to the screen made this movie an “on the edge of your seat” experience. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I have lost my luster for finding love and this movie opened my heart up having love warm my heart again. There was hope, strength, love, and unity. What person couldn’t stand to have that inspiration theses days? Make a sequel, I can’t wait to see what happens next for John Carter.

  • I understand why some people might not appreciate the John Carter movie. It does feel a bit slow at first and I think there are quite a few problems with the script. That being said, once I got into the film I really did want a sequel!

  • Fantastic Movie forever putting faces and voices to the characters of John Carter and Deja Thoris. I’ve had to go back a re-read the ERB Martian Series including the ones I never get to read before. ERB is what got me started reading and I neve discovered anything quite his again.

  • I do not believe, for a second, the numbers Disney published regarding this film. We only know what “John Carter” earned, and cost, because of what Disney tells us it did. I think they are trying to artificially create the kind of cult following that “Tron” (1982) genuinely earned. Everybody loves an underdog!

  • I have seen this movie 17 times now. It has the epic cult-ness that the Dune series has yet done even better. This is by far the most underrated movie of the decade and as you can see on the internet people really want a sequel. Taylor is an amazing actor and the director is amazing as well. To not continue this franchise that is already owned by Disney for 2 more films would truly be a shame to cinema. Disney screwed up this movie in the US. Worldwide it made profit and then with DVD and BLU-RAY it made MORE MONEY! Please for the love of cinema make a sequel. You cannot understand the effect this movie has had on me and my friends. This is the kind of fantasy that only comes once a decade. It changed how I view action movies. It revived the inner child in me. I can go on forever but the fact is. This is a series that needs to continue. It will be one of the most legendary sci-fi series of all time.

  • I really enjoyed this movie. I hope they realize that there are a lot of people who really no longer go to the movies anymore. It has gotten two expensive.
    I waited for it to be aired by one of the cable networks. I would purchase this movie on Blu Ray after what I saw tonight on Starz

  • I read all of the Martian series as I was growing, in fact I’ve read all ERB;s novels. When your imagination kicks in while reading it gives light on the story but, when seeing it first hand it takes the breath away. Too too bad that the seguel was scraped!!!!

  • I saw JOHN CARTER 4 times in theatres, and have watched the DVD and on cable several times. Wonderful adventure romance picture, with real heart, and a great music score! Total damned shame Disney just dumped this movie with a terrible publicity campaign, so badly done that it didn’t even give an idea of just what kind of movie this is.
    I know director Andrew Stanton originally planned for 3 JOHN CARTER movies, and I wish to high Heaven that all 3 would get made.
    This is a great adventure picture, and, for once, doesn’t have unending gun battles, car chases, and stupid dialogue, mouthed by creepy-looking men and wormen.
    JOHN CARTER is first class movie-making, and there should be sequels.

  • I really, really, really, really want that sequel to be made! I watched this movie in theaters once with my brother and my mother and we loved it! My mom got me the dvd copy of that film and I watched it some friends I made at high school and they seemed to have enjoyed it too. I can’t believe such a terrible marketing would ruin such an epic film, but please…. *PLEASE* make that sequel!

  • My husband and I just saw John Carter tonight and thought it was fantastic! I have to say I loved it every bit as much as I did Avatar! The graphics were awesome!
    In my search to see if there was going to be a sequel, I can’t believe I’m reading that there may not be!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please, please make a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the hell. I thought this movie was supposed to be a turkey. It’s not. It’s really cool and I’m glad I saw it. Is there really no hope for a sequel?

  • A word about this post . Previously this page was “Want a John Carter Sequel: See What Bob Iger Said to a Fan Who Wrote a Letter” …. and the story was about how Iger was sending out form letters to someone asking for a John Carter Sequel. Over the months its risen to one of the two top links that show up when you search “John Carter Sequel” . . . . and over 15,000 people have landed on this link after searching “John Carter Sequel” . .. . . . so, I’ve removed the original article and removed the original comments and put content in here that is hopefully helpful to people who are searching to find out information about a John Carter sequel.

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